Image Skipper

Image Skipper

A Google Chrome extension that helps you to get rid of any image on the web page

I love images! Why should I remove them?

How often have you seen an inconvenient image on the page? It could be a photo of disgusting insect in the article about nature. Or a photo with unpleasurable face in the news. Or a picture of half-naked women in any article to attract your attention.

The fact is that there is a lot of images on the web that you like to skip. So now there is the ImageSkipper that can force any image disappear. Just drag the image to the ImageSkipper icon and let the Skipper does his job. Or use context menu to remove image from the page immediately.

Let's try ImageSkipper on this page!

Just call ImageSkipper :)

I want this extension

You can dowload it from Google Web Store. Also you can see code on GitHub.

Roman Yanke,